Welcome to LobbySigns.com – About Us


Your business and brand are important to us!

We only do one thing and that is make beautiful lobby signs. We live, breathe, and sleep signs. Not only do we love making beautiful signs, we love our customers. We are passionate about great signs and we are relentless and attentive.

LOBBYSIGNS.COM is the culmination of its founder’s 30+ years in the sign industry. Also building one of the first direct online sign order companies in the early 90’s led to the realization, most sign buyers, are first time sign buyers, “I wanted to take the complexity out of the purchasing experience and make it an enjoyable experience with a simple step by step process”. I pull from all the years of sign industry experience to make the process simple for you, and to do that, it helps to make only one thing, Lobby Signs, rather than a plethora of other stuff most sign companies try to juggle. It’s a paradigm shift of how the sign business works. We only do one thing: lobby signs, and we do it right.

Our signs are a collection of creative design and thinking that represent the problem solving solutions and cost effective results our customers require. In our minds a sign is deemed successful once it helps your business grow customers and thus grow your business.

To help accomplish this, we created The World’s Easiest Sign Kit®, containing your sign, all the hardware, pattern, quick instructions etc. thus enabling almost anyone to put their lobby sign up in minutes and save time and money in the process.

Let us show you what we can do for you!